Guest Standards & Expectations

All guest charges are billed through your host member. Purchases from our golf shop may be charged to your home club, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.
For your convenience, The Golf Club of Tennessee is a non-tipping club; the one exception is tips to caddies.
The Golf Club discourages the use of cell phones anywhere on the property.  The discreet use of cell phones, for calling and texting, is permitted, reluctantly, except on the range and in the dining areas where all cell phone use is prohibited.
Our dress code requires shirts with collars or golf appropriate mocknecks, golf slacks or appropriate length golf shorts. Jeans and other denim clothing are not allowed. Shirttails must be tucked in at all times,  hats must be worn forward at all times, and gentlemen are required to remove hats while inside the clubhouse.
All indoor facilities at The Golf Club of Tennessee are smoke-free.
The Golf Club of Tennessee encourages walking and use of its caddie program. When play consists of three or more golfers riding in carts, golfers are expected to use a forecaddie.  Suggested caddie rates are available from the professional staff.
When driving a golf cart, please follow all directional signs, and use cart paths when designated to do so. The responsible operation of golf carts helps preserve the condition of our golf course.
To maintain the playability of the golf course, please rake all bunkers, repair pitch marks on the greens, and fill divots with sand.
An enjoyable round of golf at The Golf Club of Tennessee should be completed in four hours or less. Please be ready to play at all times, pick-up if you are out of the hole, and putt continuously when appropriate.  If your group is approached by a Club employee about the pace of play, please take all necessary actions to speed-up your play to keep-up with the group in front of you.


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